Here is a couple stories I wrote. I hope you enjoy! Please comment!

My favorite place
From the small Cavod stage, to the huge Fulton stage, to the karaoke platform, anywhere I perform I feel in place. I have a certain family that is in no way related to me. It’s the Cavod family. Even though it’s small, Cavod’s stage is my place to be. I feel most like myself, when I’m on that stage and being someone else!

Cavod is mostly a dancing studio, but along with dance, you can also take acting. The small studio is expanding and soon the stage will be large, but for now I don’t care how small the stage is, all I care about is that I’m on it! If you walk into the studio, the first door on the right leads you to the stage. The stage is more of an elevated platform, but the amount of plays Cavod has done on there makes it a stage. Even though in acting your biggest competition is your friends, you can still have really close friendships.

My closest friends are Celeste, Paris, and recently Abbi and Lily! Paris and I became friends last year when we played twin eels in The Little Mermaid Jr. but Celeste, even though she’s one of my biggest competitions, is an even closer friend. Abbi, Lily and I became friends this year over Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Abbi is another one of my big competitors because this year she got the part of Augustus Gloop! Lily became my friend because she got the part Ms. Teavee and I play Mike Teavee. So I spend a lot of time with her.

Rehearsal is not a time to relax. If you play a big part, you have to know what time it is be on your feet, and always be ready to get into character. Even though it’s a lot of stress, The moment you step on the stage, you know it’s all worth it. It’s a lot like how the Wright brothers felt when the plane actually worked! It’s a feeling of accomplishment, and success. No matter how silly the play is or how intense, you always feel that feeling, and you know your a true actor or actress when you feel like you could fly like a bird. The hard work will make you say you want to stop, but your heart knows you can’t, so you keep going. Another part of the hard work is make-up, choreography and costumes, well hard work for the costume designer, make-up artist and choreographer. For the actors its a load of fun!

One of the best parts of acting is transforming into your character. For example I’m a girl, and I’m playing a boy part, so the makeup is going to be extreme. When I played the eel, there was also a lot of makeup involved! What is probably the hard part is sitting still! I always freak out when the makeup designer is doing my makeup because I know I have to sit still! I know the stage is the place I should be.

It’s super fun to be an actress. Even though it’s hard work, you know it’s all worth it. It’s especially fun when you have your friends there beside you. When I’m feeling down or I I’m not in the mood to do anything, I know that as soon as I hit the stage it’s going to be alright and I’ll get through it, it really helps. I always know I can brighten my spirits by being on stage.